Confusion is the engine of my writing.

01 Dec, 23

missing the thrill of crushing on someone, not knowing if they even notice me, summoning the courage to make a move, and experiencing the sweet sensation of discovering that the crush was mutual

20 Nov, 23

i'm no longer afraid of my half-baked thoughts. the "i have nothing to write about, nothing to say" was mostly a disguise for uncertainty in my own opinions.

18 Nov, 23

when we say things like "i will love you forever" or "i will never leave you," it's not really about how much we can actually promise that, because none of it can be guaranteed. it's more about believing in it at that particular moment.

18 Nov, 23

entering rebuilding phase

16 Nov, 23

That’s just the fucking human experience.

14 Nov, 23

when building a community, the first step is friendship; tools come later.

trying to bind together a group of strangers with complex tools rarely works.

08 Nov, 23

kissing is a prayer between lovers

07 Nov, 23

design until everything you love is connected

31 Oct, 23


30 Oct, 23

listening to new blink-182 album on my way to skatepark.

what's my age again?

29 Oct, 23

to prepare a delicious meal, the first step is to love the person or people you're cooking for, especially if that person is yourself.

27 Oct, 23

i am water

21 Oct, 23

it’s called stand-up cuz your code is a joke

17 Oct, 23

being on someone’s mind is not the same thing as being next to them

12 Oct, 23

wait, why do I have to see these fckn billboards all the time? shouldn't public spaces be free from advertisements? everyone should be able to opt out.

05 Oct, 23

what could possibly be more seductive to a person in this world than the promise of divine providence?

27 Sep, 23

I’m confronting the void, and coming out the other side every day.

11 Sep, 23

death is just one really bad day
between living and something new

09 Sep, 23

finding new ways to appreciate someone requires intelligence

08 Sep, 23

pinky promise

05 Sep, 23

i can manipulate people so easily. i always know what they wanna hear. but i’m also people pleaser. i’m the one i am manipulating the most. that’s the reason why i’m so attracted to people lot smarter or at least more stubborn than me. i know i can me myself with them, because there’s no way to trick them into liking me.

04 Sep, 23

on my way to the office. first day of my new job. gut feeling says it’s good.

04 Sep, 23

structured deep learning

social peer learning

single sessions


02 Sep, 23

i hate when someone makes false assumptions about me and treats me based on those assumptions

01 Sep, 23

they are different names for the same thing

22 Aug, 23


21 Aug, 23

when i don’t want to face being awake, i struggle with waking up early. when i’m excited about my life, it’s much easier.

18 Aug, 23

whenever i see something beautiful, i want you to see it too

18 Aug, 23

i've always considered myself a community-minded person. but am i actually? are two people considered a community? because i feel like one is the maximum number of healthy relationships i can sustain.

02 Aug, 23

i’m afraid that i’m too shallow to actually generate any interest, to be the one people go to for advice or opinion.

02 Aug, 23

my palms have a memory of their own

01 Aug, 23

i want to be alone. i don't want to be lonely. even when i feel nothing, i feel it completely. i second-guess every decision i make and every thought i have. i'm afraid to ask for help sometimes. i'm afraid to be judged or called a freak. i need constant reassurance and it's embarrassing. i don't want to be this way anymore, sorry...

31 Jul, 23

i’m telling the browser that i’m a human, though i'm not sure that i still am

15 Mar, 23

I've been thinking about the border between friend love and romantic love for a long time... and maybe it's not even a border, maybe it's more like unknown territory... I think we lack a vocabulary to describe all the subtle nuances and forms that relationships can take...

anyway, I find it a shame that friendship is often on the sidelines, e.g. phrases like "we are just friends" or "friendship with benefits" — as if friendship alone isn't enough, isn't a benefit on its own...

14 Mar, 23

argumentation will achieve nothing; we must create symbols, make myths, and imagine miracles

14 Mar, 23

select individuals who could bring a small part of the divine into the mundane.

14 Mar, 23

when you base your entire worth on how useful you are to others, it's fuckin hard to find out that everyone else can function just as well without you. nobody misses you. nothing can stop working because you're not there. you're just a fuckin npc. just a guy walking by.

10 Mar, 23

i’m thinking of ending things

27 Oct, 21

maybe one day

we will only remember the good things

we will only remember the good things because

much worse things will come

11 Jun, 21

no resolution nor conclusion

just in hope for climax

ever-rising complication

31 May, 21

what if

everything important already happened


from now on it's just


28 May, 21