vasil burak notes

people don’t want what's healthy; they want what's familiar

29 May, 2024

sorrow sucking forehead kiss

05 May, 2024

sunburnt and unkissed

03 May, 2024

want is measured in sacrifice

03 May, 2024

a sourly bitter-sweet taste from orange wine lingers in my mouth. crumbs for the sparrows. wet footprints on a wooden floor. a dip in late summer water. your skin warms to my touch. it's not time to leave yet. if only we never had to leave...

22 Apr, 2024

how much does it matter how we show love? when someone is delusional, they see it even in the most mundane things; conversely, when someone doesn't believe they could be loved –no evidence is sufficient. lately, i'm not sure if i still believe in love languages, attachment theories, etc. – i guess knowing oneself, being honest with oneself, and helping others achieve the same is what matters. but, idk…

14 Apr, 2024

how we feel loved by someone is multiplied by how much we respect that person

03 Apr, 2024

local-first and offline-first

10 Mar, 2024

Know the difference between those who stay to feed the soil and those who come to grab the fruit.

01 Mar, 2024

I felt fundamentally more secure in my ability to navigate difficult situations after my first psychotic break down at 19

There’s a degree of gamification that comes in every interaction after that which says “none of this actually matters when you can survive at the bottom”

05 Feb, 2024