29 Oct, 23

today was a beautiful day. sunrays illuminated the colorful palette of late autumn. i started the day with yoga, had breakfast, and then went for a lovely walk.

i'm trying to focus on the positive sensations, absorbing them with all my senses, hoping they'll drown out the lingering darkness within. i'm pondering whether a person can ever completely escape anxiety or if they simply learn to live with it.

the morning with the guys at the skatepark stretched until noon. even though i'm not particularly skilled, i had an incredible time. i took risks and pushed my limits, which really energizes me.

right now, i'm completely drained (the good kind of drained), lying on my bed, overthinking everything and contemplating how to keep my mind busy this week.

maybe it's time to consider therapy again.

my instagram algorithm seems to have picked up on my recent feelings and started bombarding me with self-help reels that are definitely not helping.

anyway, take care 🌱