13 Oct, 23

It's difficult to create new memories in a city where you are surrounded by ghosts.

Today, I'm in my hometown. I came to visit my mom and brother. However, mom ended up busy all day, and my brother got stuck somewhere on his way from Brno.

I took my mom's dogs for a walk and discovered some fantastic places I've never been to before, very close to my parents' home. I love places where meadows meet forests, especially when they form a kind of cove. Maybe it's something primal, but I always feel incredibly calm in such places.

Later in the afternoon I headed to the center, or rather, the old part of Liberec, where beautiful mansions and alleys are. I visited Dubak, Borovy placek, Kastanka... places where we spent our free hours during elementary school.

I borrowed a bike to soak in the autumn beauty even more.

Now I'm writing this text and sitting alone in a bar where we used to spend our free evenings during high school. There are entirely different people here, but at the same time, they're the same. They're the same high school students as we were back then. They have their problems, and they certainly think they're going through the toughest times of their lives.

Everything is for the first time, everything is very intense. First loves, first broken hearts, big hopes, and big disappointments.

Then there are the older people, those who were sitting here back then. Actually, I probably belong more to this group than the first. Or maybe not. I feel like I don't really belong anywhere.

Anyway, I was meant to be a lover.
I was meant to touch people, and I was meant to be touched.

This morning was pleasant. I exercised longer than I usually do, meditated longer than usual. I didn't get much work done, but it was a pleasant day.

I need a hug, but not everyone will do.

take care 🌱